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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tonight something different again as I found a few of these while tidying up today and sorting material to take back to Hong Kong for listing in my Bidstart store. This is rather dirty / toned  but the stamps are pretty clean, surprisingly so given the cover is 60 years old and has probably had a few owners alone the way. I think I got it many years ago in an auction lot, The stamps are SG 264 - 266, the Coronation issue  from 1953.  Useful catalogue value I think. I was going to soak them and sell as individual stamps but thought I would see if any of my readers wanted the cover.  It is toned / stained,  unopened and with small creases, although as I say the stamps will come off nicely.   First offer over US5.00 inclusive of postage and packing etc will get it. If I don't hear by the time I get back to Hong Kong on Tuesday night I will list stamps in my Bidstart store

 Hope you like seeing the cover.



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