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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Hi, over the years I have been writing I have shown a variety of stamps and expressed my views on the aesthetic quality, if that is a correct interpretation, of the stamps produced in current and past recent years. These above prove once more to me that the postal authorities, in this case Australia,  are just producing stamps in the hope  - and it seems reality - that people will part with their money.  For what?  A  new  issue with no relevance other than to part the collector from their money.

It saddens me to be honest. There will soon be hundreds of thousands of these in albums (maybe) gathering dust so to speak.  You can buy  - and I have from auctions and friends - many years of Australia mint unused from the 1970s onwards and at prices way below face value.

A friend recently asked me for my opinion of his "collection".  Boxes of unopened Australia Post mailings of new issues. Years and years of mint in the envelopes Australia Post had mailed to him. Mostly worth less than face and certainly not salable at a profit. I advised him to use as postage. He won't have to buy stamps for many years to come. Probably in his lifetime.

The same goes for GB. I cannot sell Mint GB below face value. Used is different,  as there is so little new issues  "used" on real mailing these days. Look at eBay and see what prices "used" command. And that is if you can get fine used, as the postal authorities seem determined to damage stamps at any opportunity they get with their heavy frankings or pen cancellations.

I am rambling on one of my pet topics I guess. But surely we need to get across this message to the Postal Authorities, or is it impossible to get people, collectors, to realise they are simply wasting their money buying these all to frequent new issues?

Your views??????   For the record I used to collect new issues.  I stopped about 10 years ago as it was just getting silly,  and it has got worse. Never a month goes by without,  for example, Australia Post or Royal Mail, finding an excuse for yet another new issue.

Tell me about your country and their issuing policy. I am interested to hear from you,

Best wishes.. Michael


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