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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Hello, tonight, Machins. Now I know many think these are boring but how one thinks that is beyond me. :-) So much to study and understand. So many varieties, so many colours even. I am moving house as many of my readers will know and while clearing out I found these.  How lovely; even the franking has not ruined the stamps. From a very quick look I think the £2 copies are SG Y1801, cat used £2.25. the 45p is Y1721 cat at £1.50 and the 50p is is Y1725.  Nice catalogue value. I will list them in my Bidstart store    one day I suspect.  Time is not on my side at the moment I have to admit.

Write me,   if you like these and are are looking to collect or fill gaps in your collection. I have many thousands and thousands  more.  A retirement project may be :-)
Have a great weekend

Michael or if security Machins interest you, please  have a look at


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