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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello from Sydney this time. Arrived here this morning after a grueling 9 hour flight. Not normal I must admit. Virgin Atlantic were fine, seat was comfortable, meal was very nice, movie was entertaining and cabin crew were wonderful. So what could possibly be wrong. Well along with all the other passengers in the premiun economy cabin, I didn't sleep because a husband and wife had two very young children who cried and screamed all night. Yes all 9 hours from the time we departed Hong Kong to the time we landed in Sydney.  I am serious. This was the worst flight in 40 years of flying.  Children from hell on a plane. I hope it never happens to you.

The poor cabin crew could do nothing. The parents didn't even try and had absolutely no consideration for the other passengers. They seemed to have the attitude that this is what their kids did so tough to all of you. No one spoke up and no one complained, except me of course LOL.  I am not a shy person when it comes to my sleep being interrupted or the people around me not showing common good manners and respect. But the couple seemed to think it was ok.  Is this the new style of parenting I wonder.  I traveled the world with my children when they were very young, and I mean from 6 months to 6 years, and we never had this sort of behaviour from them.. They knew good manners even then. But it seems some of today parents have a different view, well these parents did. Oh well, I am sure they have their problems and given their attitude with their awful children they will get worse. Serves them bloody well right.

Now to stamps.  and,   hahahahahahahaha   they are funny if you think of what I just wrote. Those kids should have been in a barrel in the cargo hold if you ask me LOL.

From the Australia Post web site ... " From around 1909 mail and other essential items were delivered to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands within barrels lowered or dropped from passing P&O and Orient Line ships. The approaching liner would notify the cable station on Direction Island and staff members would collect the barrel from their jukongs. At the same time, outgoing mail was sealed in a tin can and attached to a line trailing from the ship making the drop. Some mail dispatched to and from the islands in this way carried a range of postal markings and cachets such as "Tin Can Mail" or "Orion Barrel" (in reference to the RMS Orion).
A regular air service, first introduced in 1952, put an end to barrel and tin can mail in 1954.
Enjoy your stamps and if you are flying with children please think of the people around you. Good manners, respect for your fellow passengers and decorum are just so important and can make everyone's life that much more enjoyable.


PS;  thanks to all of you who wrote in reply to my mathematics question. You all basically got something appropriate. I was looking for the fact that he was well know for his generalisation of Eulers formula on plyhedra.  When I am back in HK I will find something to send to you all. I am that nice kinda guy even though the parents of those horrible children would not agree. LOL


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