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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here is a wonderful example of what must be vandalism at worst and cost effectiveness at best.
Obviously, perhaps?, someone decided to use a sheet of stamps which they bought thinking they had an investment, but which they now realised was no longer an investment, to cover some postage. Yes, they realised sheets(like these) lost their value over time, except for postage. Or, perhaps a dealer bought an estate collection and used the mint collection. And why not. You can easily pick up mint gummed stamps for less than face if the stamps date back 10 or so years. What does that tell you. Anyway I hope you enjoy seeing these, just a pity the Post Office had to cancel with great big crayon scrawl, but hey, some postal worker somewhere got their rocks off destroying the sheet: what goes around comes around I always believe.

Best wishes.. Michael


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