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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Royal Mail new issue news.................

“Royal Mail special stamps are always a commemoration of greatness in one form or another…”

These are the opening words from the Royal Mail “The Collection” publicity brochure I recently received. A really nice publication and one worth keeping. I applaud Royal Mail for the style and structure of the publication. It made interesting reading. And the quality of the paper and images is excellent.

This catalogue, as they also call it, shows all the 2008 issues. It has 48 pages so is not a slime tome by any means, as, after all, there were rather a lot of issues in 2008.

The 2009 issue should be even bigger based on the number of issues announced so far. I counted 32 but then I could be considered pedantic I suppose.

On 2009 issues I am pleased to see once again recognition of the need for collectors to not get bored with new issues. A few new issues every month is what we need to keep us interested. I am sure you will agree.

Sadly June and July will be drought months as there is only one issue planned for each month. What will I do with that extra cash I will be thinking. Will I turn to drink? I thought my addiction with GB stamps was bad enough. Maybe I will realise drink is cheaper, and I will sleep better anyway with drink.
But I hear Royal Mail have acknowledged the short supply in both months and are going to correct it with two additional issues. Recognising the sterling job that Royal Mail do in promoting and recognizing the history of Great Britain Royal Mail and things postal there will, I understand, be an issue in June to commemorate Free Standing Post Boxes and in July there will an additional issue of 12 stamps on the theme of Mythical Creatures. I even heard there will be a Pole Mounted Post Office box issue later in the year. This is exciting news, you have to agree, really you do :-)

I think this is wonderful and am really quite excited about these issues. I have long been a believer that not enough recognition goes to the Post Office Box, be it free standing or wall mounted – and by chance I happen to have a few photos from my own archives including one of my favourite wall mounted boxes; a GVI of course - and as for Mythical Creatures; Well, there can never be too many of these printed can there. Don’t we all enjoy regaling stories to the children / grandchildren of such creatures as we show off our stamp collections when they visit. I know I do. Surely I am not alone.

What a wonderful year we have ahead of us – of course if you don’t collect GB then my thoughts go out to you. How boring your life must be. And perhaps how sad your bank manager must be; you will have little debt.

Enjoy your stamps…………………. Michael :-) :-) :-) April 1st 2009


At 8:30 AM, Blogger Ian - Norvic said...

Michael, I think even on April 1 you have to draw the line between misinformation and humour!!

At least you could have put 'April fool' at the end of that piece about postboxes. Just one lot this year, with doubtless more to follow next.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger cddstamps said...

Ian, point noted.. I made an edit at the bottom.. By the way did you read about the Concorde going to fly again.. april 1st.. very well written..

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