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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello, yes it has been a while since I wrote ... just so busy with work.

Am in Kuala Lumpur now and days seem to fly by.. and evenings in the hotel are work as well. No sympathy please. I enjoy it really. Just miss stamps, and writing about them.

So I thought in the few minutes I'd give to writing - I have this enormous spreadsheet to work on and am procrastinating :-) - I'd ask you what is happening in your stamp world?

Got the new GB security definitives? Seen any really good or bad new issues? Bought anything at a bargin on eBay or other auction site? Seen any really rubbish lots for sale? Yeak ok that last one is easy :-0

Write me at Maybe we can share with others our experiences through this blog.

One comment to add on my recent - albeit sporadic - stamp related reading: have you joined that is Stamps of GB.. was on MSN but moved to Multiply as MSN groups closed down. Great group.. Do have a look. well if you are interested in GB I guess. and there is a thread on soaking the new GB security stamps. I think final word is collect on paper from now on, Your thoughts?????

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Dave Dela Cruz said...

Hi! I'm an old stamp collector on mint-Philippine stamps from old to around 2001. Maybe you are interested to buy some. Thanks!


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