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Monday, April 06, 2009

IYA continued......... B is for Belgium

Tonight I thought you might enjoy this beautiful stamp from Belgium, issued to commemorate the International Year of Astronomy.

Since I first wrote on this topic I have had some email dialogue with the Co-Chair of IYA 2009 Special Task Group on Philately. A very interesting email chat as well. And, since I asked, did you know about Bailey's Beads a few evening ago I thought I should explain it, as it was explained to me by Mike Howell from the IYA Philately group ... Bailey’s Beads, are named for the English astronomer who discovered them. The phenomenon is created when, during a total solar eclipse, the last vestiges of the solar disk is broken into a string of bright “beads” due to the topography at the limb of the moon. As the moon passes across the solar disk, in the moments just before (and just after) totality the solar disk remains visible through the valleys of the moon while the mountains block it. This is the image I believe was depicted on the third stamp from the left in the Alderney issue I show previously.

Anyway, back to tonights stamp. Now look carefully. How many events and topics can you find.

This really is a wonderful stamp, in my humble view, and I would really like to get a copy of the M/S. Anyone out there help me ??? I am sure I could reciprocate with something of use to you.

Tomorrow.. continuing with the IYA theme, something beginning with C.. I hope :-) maybe I will get a suggestion from you ................enjoy your stamps ... Michael

And with thanks to Mike Howell from the astronomy study unit , ASTROFAX Co-Chair, IYA 2009 Special Task Group - Philately, Antonio, Texas see also


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