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Monday, April 13, 2009

E... ok .. F... Finland ...IYA 2009

I wanted to show you the Estonia IYA 2009 stamps but I just cannot find them anywhere. So lets jump to F... France.. well sorry, no published picture yet. So Finland, I did find the 2 stamps they are issuing. And very nice they are too. These will be released on 6 May. The set of two stamps presents the night sky with various celestial bodies above a horizon of a Finnish lake landscape. Are those Canada geese I see on the left hand stamp...or UFOs... hard to tell... :-)

Also it seems I am not the only one writing about IYA 2009 issues. Some other good sites out there.............. as well as mine that is :-)

And, I was thinking, how could I collect all these issues. Would be a lovely collection. Anyone any ideas? Like can I swap something with you if you send me a set of the the IYA stamps from your country? Or other ideas.. please email me at

Enjoy your stamps.................... Michael


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