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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hi everyone. Hope all well with you. I was away last night .. a dinner.. some 200km out of Seoul.. lovely countryside, the drive there. A ski resort.. don't ask me where.. but even in early summer is was 13 degrees ( C) at 10:30 at night..

Anyway I thought of my stamps... believe me .. ha ha ha ha

How about this.. I received mail today from a friend in the US.. with a donation to my childrens corner... a good addition with some lovely stamps that are just right to encorage children to the hobby.. I show it because of the denomination.. some vaue eh!!!!!! $375,000

Sad but true I am afraid. This is one of the new "high value" stamps I actually have from Zimbabwe, and I know there are others with higher values.. This helps me reflect how fortunate I am ... where I live. But no politics here ..just stamps... anyone got anything of higher "nominal" value. Do send me a scan to and if I show it I'll send you some world mix as a thank you.

Enjoy your stamps.. best wishes .... Michael


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