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Thursday, October 04, 2007

50 years ago today

history was made.... with the launch of the first man made object to orbit the earth.

Seems quite trivial now given the awesome space exploration achievements of the past 50 years.. and a few sad failures I have to acknowledge.

Hope you like this cover.

Now, the next Australia new stamp issue is Caravans... or more corectly " caravanning through the years". I don't know about you but I ruled out caravans and tents as forms of accomodation many years ago.. as in when I realised there were such things as four and five star hotels. But everyone to their own I say; and lets face it some caravans are pretty sumptuous vehicles these days.. but they dont have room service do they I ramble.. should I do a special cover for caravanning... let's have a vote? I am excited with the prospect ... :-(

Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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