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Friday, August 24, 2007

I am reading...............

Hello.. I am reading a really interesting book... "Elizabeth's Spy Master" .. as in Elizabeth I of England. If you didn't know, I am interested in English history from Henry VIII to James I.. anyway..
I read about the St Bartholomew's day massacre.. aweful.... and to think that was happening 435 years ago.. I won't get political or religious as I am not into that, but am writing this because the massacre started on this day 24th August 1572. If you are interested, the best summary is at

I have not really found any stamps that recognise this rather significant event in history and was wondering if anyone knew of any???

I found these Italian stamps, which commemorated St Bartholomew, but I don't think they are relevant to the 1572 happening.
Ironic though....since the Vatican through the then ( 1572) Pope, Gregory XIII celebrated a Te Deum at the time of the massacre.

Tomorrow I have a day at home and will be catching up on your emails and mailing out prizes.. to my recent quizzes.... and even those from months ago.... I hope........... be patient with me

Have a great weekend... enjoy your stamps, and all the history that goes with them ... Michael


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