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Thursday, February 15, 2007

tutankhamun............. and more...

hello, well I guess there are some of you who look at I do occassionally, as I find it very interesting and educational.. but why am I showing this stamp tonight.. I hope you can find out by looking at the link and that you enjoy the video clip about King Tut!!

This stamp was one of three issued in a 1972 set by Great Britain to commemorate Anniversaries.. ( yes even back then they were looking for reasons to issue new stamps.. ) In 1972 they issued 21 new commemorative issues.. 21 new stamps that is.. 34 years later in 2006 the Royal Mail issued.. by my quick count, some 76 commemorative stamps.. and that excludes PIP and booklet stamps, and minisheets and who knows what else...

Anyway, not to get on my whinge wagon about Royal Mail and their stamp issuing policy.. but who can tell me the other two anniversaries celebrated in that 1972 issue.. like, how momentous an occassion where they both..?????.. clue.... think about your answer .. and try to convince yourself the Royal Mail are no better now than they were 34 years ago!!! Oh I do like to be mischievous writing these pages... all emails to will win a prize.. if you include your mailing address.. and first email will win a mint set of the issue, second email will win a used set and rest will win any GB commemorative stamps I can find.. ha ha .. there are millions of them..

Don't you just love stamp collecting.. best wishes........ Michael


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