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Monday, February 05, 2007

Every picture tells a story..........

what a wonderful song by Rod Stewart, but also, so does every stamp....

This article from my guest writer Jane from Toronto, Canada.. thanks Jane, I really enjoyed this and I hope everyone else does as well.

""Every Stamp Tells A Story

Occasionally, a collector will find a miniature masterpiece that beautifully illustrates the intended story. I believe that this 1927 Canadian Special Delivery stamp, part of the sixtieth anniversary of Confederation set, is one of these tiny gems.

It is an engraved stamp in an eye-catching shade of orange. The warm colour encourages the viewer to look more closely and draws them towards the ornately carved window that frames the scene. They are invited to stand at the window, perhaps leaning on the ledge, surveying the vista spread before them.

Outside the window, just beyond the tree-tops, Canada emerges. In the foreground, a horse and rider gallop across the landscape. A train thunders along the railroad tracks. Farther on a dogsled pulled by a team of huskies glides across the tundra and beyond that is a steamship cutting through the waves. Soaring overhead, somewhere between the distant mountains and the window, are two biplanes.

Suddenly the purpose of the majestic vista is revealed. It is an allegory about Canada and the Special Delivery mail service. Canada has grown in the sixty years since Confederation and so have postal services. Special Delivery will deliver mail and packages across the country and beyond. They have the transportation network to do the job.

What a charming way to impart a very important but mundane message. Even if the allegory is a bit too subtle, it is still a lovely engraved stamp.""

Thanks Jane.. having lived in Canada for many years I can really relate to this.. and what a stunning stamp... any more articles people want to write about their country and stamps? do email me at

Tomorrow something special about a Penny Black I have seen at auction.. and your advise may be required Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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