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Friday, January 26, 2007

the Yarra Valley.....

Hello, nothing to do with stamps.. well I will try.. No postings for last few days because I had to come to Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.. quite lovely area.. lots of wine... I remember the Australian Wine on Stamps issue... I think that was the theme... and the Yarra may have been one of the stamps.. not having any stamps around me right now I cannot check.

So this to say I will write when I get back to Syndey in a few days.. tomorrow I am at the Australian Open Womens Final.. corporate function ... should be good.. who can tell me the winner.. email me before the result is known and I'll find a set or FDC of the Wine stamps as a prize.

Also, please read from a week ago when I wrote on stamp quality.. I do hope I get some entries..... your articles for me to publish as a guest author... the reward is surely worth penning a few words... best wishes... enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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