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Friday, December 01, 2006

did you miss me.... ;-)

Hello .. well my week started like this.. got to work Monday morning.. saw email saying I had to be in meetings in "major city" on Tuesday / talk to these people on Wednesday etc.... rushed back home.. packed a bag and flew out that night.... I thought of stamps while there of course..... well you do dont you.. and even found a Post Office.. asked for a FDC.. didn't have any.. it was pouring rain.. as it can do there at this time of year.. well at least any stamps I would have bought didn't get wet!!! I didn't try to find another Post Office... didn't have the time anyway.. so I have no special Cover for you.. which is a shame.. I do have these stamps.. I had them in one of my many boxes of lose stamps..

will send 100 world mix to 10th correct answer.. to what major city did I fly into . and out of I might add... pretty nice place as well.. so.. no stamps other than that this week.... think I'll go and get some sleep.. dont like red eye flights

Hope your week was good.. enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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