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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hello.. well after my rantings last night I am surprised I had so few emails.. you must all agree with me or you have decided not to read my blog anymore... hopefully not the latter ... as I said, I would show you some good old stamps. .. so I chose this GB George V variety..

I hope you like it.. I am showing the block of 4 with the "no cross on crown" variety .. it is the stamp in the left hand lower corner of the block.. the scan showing the missing crown is also included.....

These are stamps ... with design and artistist quality.. and printing quality I think so.. and of course the missing crown just adds to the enjoyment of collecting stamps in my humble view.

What do you think .. do you just collect the modern issues... hey, maybe that is good and if you enjoy them I am all for it as that helps promote this wonderful hobby... but there is so much to stamp collecting ..

I was sorting a few boxes of stamps today .. I have so much lying around.. am tempted to put on auction lots but dont have time.. I came across a Papua New Guinea stamp pack.. with the 1984 Ceremonial Shields issue.. will give this away to whoever can tell me the date of issue ha ha ha ha.. and 1984 will not get you the prize... email me at and please include your mailing address...

Enjoy your stamps and if anyone has any GB GV they want to send me .. for trade.. I'll take anything.. I would really like to hear from you.. best wishes.. Michael


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