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Monday, June 05, 2006

what is interesting me today

Hello everyone, guess what.. Mailed some stamps to many of you today, including those who won some of the Stampoffers lots. I should point out that there are still a few lots up for auction. Just click on the cddstamps auction link and you go right to the lots. All lots start at $1. Hope you have a look as there are some nice PNG presentation packs still available. I am basically giving these away for the cost of the postage. I might make a dollar but that only goes towards the costs of the postage for my quizzes.

Tomorrow is an interesting date, 06-06-06. How many of you will be mailing yourself some letters to get that postmark. I might send a few to myself. Doesn’t come around very often does it :-) think about it I have (somewhere) 03 -03-03, same for 04 and same for 05. Of course I don’t know where they are in my boxes of stamps but one day they will surface no doubt.

If you collect such material have a look at the Norvic Philatelics link, as Ian does – or used to – produce special covers for these dates. Hey, and if you want to mail me a letter I would be thrilled to receive one with that date …. May be I could have a small collection from different countries… go on .. spoil me :-)

You may recall me talking about gbmachins work on the Millennium Machins a few weeks ago. Well this weekend I got a copy of the complete and published text. The format and presentation is superb and the content is even better. Brilliant work Roy. A series of Machins that are not that well recorded – except by Roy – and which I think you will really enjoy reading. Have a look at his web site or go one better and write to him for a copy. I have his site as one of my links.. always easy to find OK.

One final thought for today as I am nearly at my train station.. guess what we had here in Sydney today ......... A clue.. it is wet and falls from the sky. Really amazing stuff. :-) Sadly I read that none of it fell on our dams.

What does it tell you about my life when I get excited about actually mailing letters to you, thinking about getting letters from you and having it rain all day. Tomorrow will be better.. I don’t think so.. :-) Must go read your blogs about Washington Stamp show. Those I have read have been very well written and interesting. That might cheer me up

Enjoy your stamps……………… Michael


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