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Thursday, June 22, 2006

so much that I could write about.. will be brief though. Have written so much recently.. too much eh!!!

Whales down under.. what a wonderful set of stamps. Hope you like seeing this cover. Issued a few weeks ago. It is yours if you are the 5th correct email to tell me the name of the featured whale - that is the big one on the top left stamp and on the cover itself : email me at

I have had some emails recently from you with some useful web links.. this one about Beatles on stamps.. (thanks Jane) all revenvue raising countries dont you think... and that reminds me .. Royal Mail is issuing a set of stamps showing the Beatles in January next year. I wondeer if any will get used.

As for the England soccer team theme song.. I thought I knew it until I had so many different replies from you.. try this one for a laugh (thanks Buddy)

Australia Playing Croatia tomorrow my time.. still time to enter my last competition and tell me your prediction of the score.

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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