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Saturday, June 10, 2006

6th June 2006........

hope you like this.. I think I was quite lucky with the franking.. not obliterated as is often the case.. lets face it, one has to learn where to place the stamp on the envelope to get the right postmark. and let me tell you it is not in the top righthand corner.. see below

I have 4 of these.. slightly different positions but all in lovely condition.. I need your advice .. I want two for myself.. should I try to sell two on eBay.. or Stampoffers.. or offer them here... tricky eh!!!!!!

tell you what.. and I am nuts to do this.. if you want these send me US$40 via paypal and I will send you the two spare I have ... and you will know you have 2 of the 4 that were made by me.

I can show full envelope scan if you email me to ask for that: ... they are addressed to cddstamps and are in unopened envelopes. email me at cddstamps@gmail if you have questions or want to see scans of the full envelopes. Remember these cannot be reproduced as genuine, because of the franking across the top... that is the SWLF etc text.

What a surprise I got today... anyone remember my "Red Robin".. about a year ago.. well it came back to me today.. one year.. awesome.. I thought I had lost the stamps.. many thanks to those who did give me something back for what I offered to them.. one person is still on the circuit but for some reason the mailing came back to me.. I will send it on to that person and top up the stamps so that person gets a choice selection.. after all they have been waiting a year for a round (red) robin.

so.......... if
a) anyone wants to join my "red robin" (All used GB stamps mostly GV now) would they please email me within next few days - and details can be found in my achives .. see the first few days of my writings...
b) I am starting a "blue bird" ...any stamps that have something blue in them and wherever possible, birds on stamps .. I will take 10 people only.. will send as many stamps as I can,. you take a set number which I will say in the mailing to you if you sign up and you replace with GB issues from the year 2002 onwards ONLY..,. I expect to offer you to take 5 and replace with one.. maybe better but not worse.,. OK.. email me at cddstamps@gmail if you want to join....

look forward to hearing from you.. enjoy your stamps.. Micahel


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