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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Hello and welcome to the cddstamps blog,  especially if you are a new reader.

I have been adding more stock to the cddstamps online store and the above strip of 5 is one that I thought I would show you. Issued 25 years ago to celebrate the then 100th anniversary of the publication of "The Final Problem"  It is SG 1784a (Scott 1519a)

 I really enjoy seeing these stamps and whenever I do I am encourage to once again watch the Sherlock TV series, or movies - perhaps will watch a move tonight now I think of it.

If you collect GB and have some gaps in your collection please take a few minutes to look at our stamps.   We just loaded 1200 more GB (from 1975 through 1996 - so pretty good chance for you to fill a few gaps in your collection especially for this higher values.  Just visit here  and type the SG number, or the Scott number, into the  search keywords box (shown below as "search in this store") you will find on the home page of our store.    type SG1784a and you will find the stamps.  or type 1519a and you will also find the stamps      strips like this are not folded I should add.   Enjoy your philately..
Best wishes  Michael

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