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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Hello,   A few stamps from Australia tonight. Hope you enjoy seeing these. and the special treat I have for you below.
Above  SG 1121B Scott 1063B - Below  SG 1121 Scott 1063

If you collect Australia do you have the Booklet stamps with top margin imperf and bottom margin imperf? They are now listed in cddstamps online store.  

I will be visiting Sydney in a week and thought I would do a special, for readers of this blog (and the FB Australian On-Line Stamp Catalogue group)

The Special is, - valid until 17th January -  for every Australian stamp you buy from cddstamps online store   or copy this link   I will include one more different Australia stamp for free, my choice for the stock I have and I will only include very good Fine Used quality stamps.  Buy 1 stamp get one stamp free. Buy 100 stamps get 100 free. That simple -    there will be no duplicates in the extras -  all extra free stamps will be different. And all will be included at no extra postage cost.

All you have to do, after placing and paying for your order, is send me an email -  to - telling me you have placed the order and saw the extra stamp free special on my blog (or on the FB page).  That way I know to include the extra stamps for you.

I hope this helps add value to your Australia collection:  lots of perf varieties, imperfs, different printings and various other differences to help you improve your collection.

Finally, all orders will be mailed from Sydney on 19th January and I will use - as far as I can - nice commemoratives on the envelope.

Enjoy your stamps and enjoy cddstamps     Michael 


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