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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hi,   I got some mail from Hong Kong today and how considerate of the sender  :-)  ..  some lovely stamps including the Year of the Dragon MS in lovely condition, but I have shown that before and anyway it is the Year of the Snake now and I have shown that I seem to recall. So this lovely block of 6 with nice franking.

Not much new really.....  unless you are interested in the stamps in my Bidstart Store   nearly 1700 lots listed all with pictures and majority are VFU or MUH   some others of course but I try to only list the best. I have a very good table light I use to check every stamp before I scan it so I am very confident of the quality I list.

FYI I now have a very good listing selection  for Australia, Great Britain (old and very new and some more 200 very modern ones I am currently scanning to list in coming days)  Papa New Guinea, Canada, USA, Norfolk Island, Hong Kong ( more to come also in coming days)  and more.

Please have a look. Everything is priced to help you fill gaps in your collection  my Bidstart store is at here

Enjoy     Michael


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