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Saturday, December 02, 2006

FirstDay Covers and .. a new Blog on GB Machins

Hello, I have been reading a website I think you will enjoy.. it is for Cover collectors. I occassionally go to see what is there, especially looking for A380 material. I think the Singapore Airlines maiden commercial flight with passengers is now planned for September 2007, but thought I'd have a look to see what Buckingham covers had. Yep, all sold out.. I found out why.. they have specialist Aviation collectors groups and they obviously give members the opportunity to sign up early. Given the aircraft should have been flying in commercial service for Singapore by now it is not surprising I guess.

Anyway,. have a look at Buckingham Covers ...brilliant site, even if you don't collect covers have a browse .. look at the Coming Soon section.. a page to book mark I think... and the Clubs section if you do collect a topic... I found this cover for sale .. the older we get the more the 10 year plus anniversaries start to happen.. Lovely cover don't you think.. and hey.. don't I wish we had this aircraft flying between Sydney and London...

Now to a new blog.. this is great - well I wouldn't show it if it wasn't, now would I and one of the reasons it is great is because it is written by the Machin Man himself.. apart from the fact he knows his stuff, he has a talent for layout and composition and use of colour.. ... he doesn't know I am writing this and he may not even read it but I'll tell him later he owes me a beer or two when I next get to London .. in a four weeks time mate!!!!. Have a look at Machin Mania ...and even if you don't collect GB Machins I highly recommend you have a read .. you will learn so much and find the material interesting I think. I'll add the link to my favourite links section so you can easily access it in the future.

Back to stamps.. got a lot of mail to catch up on.. prizes to pack from past week.. if you are waiting on something.. that quick visit to Kuala Lumpur this past week has put me behind... and thanks for your emails.. everyone named the city.. too easy .. best wishes.. Michael


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