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Sunday, April 28, 2024

cddstamps is back writing.... :-)

Hello,  Sometimes we just forget how fast the days and weeks and months go by.  These past 6 months have been a blurr in many ways.  But I am still around and doing philatelic things.  One thing is getting the cddstamps profile and  name out there in the philatelic world to  help with the cddstamps business and to let collectors know we have a lot to offer to help them fill a few gaps in their collections.

One thing I have failed to do is finish that second book.  Just no time even though I have much of the material.  But that is another story for another day.

So what have we done at cddstamps. One thing I think is most important for collectors is for you to know all new listings in our store have  both front and reverse images. Quite frankly it disgusts me that many  sellers don't even give one image of the stamp they are offering for sales and many won't even send a scan of the reverse even if you ask them nicely.   

You and I know stamps from  lets say early 1900s can be in pretty awful condition on the reverse with  heavy and multiple hinges with hinge staining and toning.    Yes we have some like that but we try to describe fully and accurately AND show a reverse scan  so you know  what you are paying  to add that stamp to your collection.  Makes sense to us. Takes a bit of time but  we think that is what collectors appreciate, and of course we hope it bring collectors back to our store.

And to get our profile and brand name out there, apart from the usual magazine adverts we are now active on Philately.Live   A  really brillant site which  you must visit.   Ok ignore all our competitors who are there  hahahahahahahaha 😀   but seriously this site presents so much you might want to know about philatelic resources of all kinds 

 This is from the Home page   Enough said     enjoy visiting the     See you soon with more cddstamps on stamps.

Philately Live is a world wide mapping of the entire worldwide Philatelic Community.

It contains all the Societies, Organizations, Foundations, Clubs, Auctions, Dealers, Marketplaces, Publications, Stamp Issuing entities, Stamp Shows and Exhibits, and Museums. It gives you access to auction calendars, dealer offerings, calendars of events, and more. Whether you're interested in publications, postal authorities, shows, exhibits, or museums – we've got it all covered!

In a world with thousands of stamp collecting websites, you might be thinking, "Do we really need another one?". We understand your skepticism, but we invite you to look closer because "" isn't just another website—it's the much-needed hub that keeps the global philatelic community connected.Our mission is not to recreate content but to build connections. 


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