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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Cameroun – Aircraft on Stamps – Part VII

 Hello,  let’s start  with something different today. This stamp showing a map of the country, just about and its location, well sort of, and position touching the Atlantic Ocean down there next to the capital Yaounde.

A little trivia: Portuguese explorers discovered the coast of Cameroun in the 15th century . They arrived in Douala which as a port city is often regarded as the economic capital, while nearby Yaounde is the national capital. Douala is at the end of the Wouri river which the Portuguese named the Rio dos Cameroes, meaning river of the prawn or shrimp because it was full of the creatures.  Apparently not so today.

Anyway, back to aircraft. Today another scenic image this time showing the Rhumsiki Peak, located in the far north of the country. The aircraft, well it is just an image and cannot be said to be any specific model. Can it? Well not that I am aware of!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Be safe, be kind.  I welcome comments  - you can email me at  See you next time.

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