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Friday, April 14, 2023

Cameroun – Aircraft on Stamps – Part VI

 Hello,  another in this series, this from the 1949 Universal Philatelic Union issue.

It certainly captures the spirit and culture of Cameroun, at least I think so.  The Muslin influence in the north,  and European influences from Germany and with British and French influences as well as Portuguese I believe, and the local culture.  

After WW II the United Nations instituted a system leaving France and Britain in control of their respective regions, French Cameroun  and  British Cameroon.  Note the different spelling but not found commonly on stamps.

Just a digression, as the geo-political make up and history is rather complicated  I thought I would show  this  additional stamp -  from  1960. 

It shows the overprint U K T T ( United Kingdom Trust Territory), from an issue which was valid in Northern and Southern Cameroons until the separate French and British regions ended.

The aircraft is supposedly a Lockheed Constellation. I wrote a series on this aircraft last year sometime but cannot recall if I used this UPU stamp.

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