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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Cameroun – Aircraft on Stamps – Part V

 Hello again.  Got a bit distracted these past few days and found no time to show this next stamp as promised.

This is the other stamp in the set I mentioned a few days ago. Rather impressive again I think.

Sadly I have no details on the engine but it just appeals don’t you think.  What the connection is between an aircraft engine and a tribesman and mask is anyones guess. Do any readers know more?


I have read that in Cameroun the masks, one tribe’s is known as the Bamileke masks, are made to honor the king and or important chiefs. The mask is regarded as an object of power and is displayed during important rituals and ceremonies, to commemorate and celebrate the royal ancestors of the present King. Perhaps the power of the aircraft engine is synonymous with that of the mask. Just my random thought.

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