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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Gibraltar part V

The beautifully designed and engraved 1938 George VI issue is a pleasure to collect, and one that includes many shades, perforation differences and watermark varieties. Again, an issue where study is required before listing for sale because getting the watermark wrong, for example, could be a costly mistake. The 3d Europa Point stamp SG 125b with perf 13 is listed by SG at £4.50 in mint unhinged condition, whereas the perf 14 copy is listed at £130 and if you have the missing A in the CA watermark that is listed at £2000. Not a listing mistake you want to make!

In 1953 the Queen Elizabeth definitive issue, using some of the same scenes found on the George VI issue was released. Another lovely issue and with just a few varieties for the specialist or for dealers to look for before listing for sale.

Tomorrow the final part and some more images I hope you will also enjoy. Michael


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