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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hello I hope everyone is having a great philatelic weekend.  I found this booklet sheet and thought I would continue with my Machin and phosphor band theme.   Perhaps of interest to some.

This is from the 1988 Financial Times booklet, SG 1006l.   It is interesting because it has some harder to find Machin side band and 2 band varieties and is printed Litho by Questa.

The 13p value is quite common in the Harrison printing with 1 center phosphor band but these are Litho printings with left and right phosphor bands as I hope you can see from the images.

The 18p value (SG 1010) is a 2 phosphor band printing and, with a catalogue value of £8 is far more collectible than its more common Harrison printing,  SG X955 which has a catalogue value of 60p.

The 22p is similar. It has a catalogue value of £9 (SG X1015) compared to is Harrison printing (SG X963) of £1. The 34p, as you can see from the image, has 2 bands  but I do not believe there is an exact colour comparison for this in the Harrison printings. The Harrison colour being described by SG as ochre brown rather than the bistre brown of the Questa printing. The Questa issue (SG X1021) has a catalogue value of £8 and the Harrison all over phosphor (SG X985) is catalogued at £1.75

So perhaps this is interesting?  Sometimes you might find a 13p Machin, or one of the other values and you won’t necessarily know if it was from a booklet sheet or regular counter sheet issue. They have been broken up for postage I believe - worth checking?.  

Have a great philatelic weekend.  Michael


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