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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hello, a couple more images tonight to give examples of some perforations differences I think are worth collecting. and, to show how it is wise to never underestimate the value of stamp just by its face value. here are two examples..

 the 1c Bowls stamps from the 1989 Sports issue. two perf types.. perf 14 x 14½ SG 1169 ( Scott 1106A I think) and perf 13½ issued in 1990 SG 1169a ( Scott 1106A I think) Cat for SG 1169 is GB 50p, for 1169a it is £2
Another from this issue, that I think is worth having both perfs in your collection is the 20c tennis stamp. 
Issued in 1990 as SG 1176 (Scott 1111) with perf 13½ and then in 1993 with a perf 14 x 14½ as SG 1176a (Scott 1111A I think.. The SG 1176 issue is catalogued at 2.25, while the earlier issue is just 25p.
Anyway, there are many examples, these are just two,, Hope you enjoy this and find it useful. And please, don't forget the special I mentioned in last nights post.
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Best wishes Michael


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