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Friday, June 02, 2017

Hello, I found these while sorting some of the stamps I picked up in Hong Kong last weekend. Nothing of value but perhaps interesting to see and learn about the postage stamps of this part of South Africa. I hope my summary below is accurate.  As not something I collect I thought maybe someone would like them. So a simple quiz.  Who designed the first the 1933 George V definitive for Swaziland?  Winner will be first correct answer in email to with your mailing address of course.
In 1903, after British victory in the Anglo-Boer war, Swaziland became a British protectorate. Much of its early administration including for example, postal services, was carried out from South Africa until 1906 when the Transvaal colony was granted self-government. Following this, Swaziland was partitioned into European and non-European (or native reserves) areas with the former being two-thirds of the total land.
The constitution for independent Swaziland was promulgated by Britain in November 1963 under the terms of which legislative and executive councils were established. The first Legislative Council of Swaziland was constituted on 9 September 1964. Changes to the original constitution proposed by the Legislative Council were accepted by Britain and a new constitution providing for a House of Assembly and Senate was drawn up. Elections under this constitution were held in 1967.
The first stamps were issued for Swaziland in 1889, being from Transvaal (South African Republic) overprinted  with  ‘Swazieland’.

When Swaziland became a protectorate of the South African Republic in 1894, the stamps of Swaziland were withdrawn, and superseded by issues of the South African Republic overprinted Transvaal. During the Second Boer War, postal services came to a standstill. Having become a British protectorate in 1902, Swaziland again used the stamps of Transvaal but with no overprint and, from 1910, the stamps of the Union of South Africa.

Stamps specifically issued for Swaziland commenced from 1933, many of the issues being of the designs common to the British colonies.  From 1967 stamps were issued for Swaziland as a Protected State, and from 1968 as an Independent state. 

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