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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hello,  following on from the other nights post I thought perhaps this might be of interest. Two more differences for you to look for, if you have the patience and an eye for the detail, in the 2nd class Machin NVI (No Value Indicated) stamps.

The crown on the stamp to the right has a larger distance between the edge of the crown and the right hand edge of the frame.

From my reading this is because the right hand stamp was printed from a chemically etched process and is from a 1995 issue, while the left hand stamp was printed from an improved computer engraved method and is from a 1996 issue. 

The most obvious difference perhaps is that the Queen’s head image is much sharper with a higher degree of definition on the left hand stamp.  I welcome comments and correction perhaps from readers with more knowledge than I have.

Anyway, perhaps like me, you enjoy and find it interesting to look for such differences.

Enjoy your stamps..  Best wishes….. Michael


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