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Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello,  another  piece on sorting Machins.  I must have about 1000 of these and trying to decide what they are is very difficult. Are they from a sheet, Booklet, or coil for example. And what issue? 1993 - 2008 or 1998 - 2001 issues?, covering SG 1664, 1665, 1670,  or 2039.   

The above is just one page of 64.  Some lighter shades, but that really doesn’t help. Or does it?   I have sorted by perforation – 15 x 14,  some 14½ and I even found a few perf 14.   I won’t bore you too much but if any reader has any helpful tips and tricks to distinguish even just 1993- issues from 1998- I would be interested to hear from you. you can write to me at

And, if you look at the image below you will see one way to start to differentiate some of the stamps. 

The Phosphors bands show differently, for example – very bright white, duller white, greyish and yes, yellow.  From 1997 onwards for example both Questa and Walsall used long wave phosphor which gives a violet response viewed under ultra violet light.    I have not found any yet but in the image below you will see two stamps with Yellow flour. The others show Blue flour – actually white to the naked eye -  The yellow is from a 1993-  issue so I know that is SG 1664.  The Blue flour is from the 1998- issue ( I think) so SG 2039.

A good catalogue does also help.  Must get my Deegam CD out and get reading.

Enjoy your stamps. Best wishes   Michael  -  where you can fill a few gaps in your Machin collection from the 1700 we have listed, with more to be listed as we get organised.


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