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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and finding time for stamps.

I have just finished loading over 200 lots for Bechuanaland / Botswana, cover the 1880s through to early 1960s.

The above is one of the many stamps I like. Stunning colour and it is very lightly mounted mint. SG 177 from the October 1961 definitive issue.

 I guess it is not too hard a question to ask, what is the tree?   Correct, the Baobab tree.

If you have any gaps in your Bechuanaland / Botswana collection please have a look at the stock I have listed   click here for Bechuanaland   and here for Botswana.

Enjoy your stamps -and if you have other gaps in British Commonwealth I am very happy to tell you that I now have over 24,000 listing ion the online store - had to work hard to get back because sales last week took me below 24,000.  click here to see the full list of countries stocked

Best wishes...... Michael


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