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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hello, browsing the internet today I came across a site I have not read in a while and thought I would mention it to you - if Australia interests you - because it really is very good. Also it motivated me to think it is about time I listed some more Australia in the cddstamps Bidstart Store

The site is

Australian Commonwealth Stamp 

Varieties Image Database 1913-2016

You can find it here. I think you will enjoy looking through a few of the pages. Extremely informative and excellent quality images.

As for the stamps shown above. They are SG 505 - 508 and from the 1972 "Famous Australians" (4th series) issue.  The issue was only available in 70c or $1.40 booklets and the outer edge of the pane is  imperforate. These from the bottom left of the booklet. No significant catalogue value  but nice to collect a one of each from the booklet pane to collect a used "pane" if possible. I have many in stock so will be trying over the coming days to get some listed in the Bidstart Store.   

As a competition, these four above will be a prize to the first correct answer,  with mailing address, sent to   - How many postally valid stamps were there on a booklet pane? 

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes....Michael   with nearly 2000 Australia stock already listed in the Store here


At 4:14 AM, Blogger Ian - Norvic said...

Unfortunately the database index pages don't (by different shading) which years have entries and which don't. The first four years I clicked on had no images, suggesting the site was broken, which it isn't.

I finally found some by using the gallery and deciding that if that shows a KG6 koala definitive then that would probably be in the 1930s/40s.


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