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Monday, March 07, 2016

Royal Mail vandals strike again

Hi, I arrived home from work to find two envelopes for me. You can see them below.

One mailed from the UK. and yes as is so very common the Royal Mail vandals had an enjoyable time I am sure deliberately defacing the stamp with pen lines.  The other from Hong Kong Post - quality always.  A pleasure to deal with at all times.

When will the Royal Mail b*&%$%*ds start respecting the mail and the postage stamps that are used? Never it seems. I can only draw one conclusion, given for the number of mails I get like this, that these horrible, small minded vandals get their kicks defacing the postage stamps.

Royal Mail  issues so many stamps to generate revenue from collectors. Collectors are turning away in droves because of the stupidly high number of issues and number of stamps in an issue and therefore the costs.

Yes, as has been said many times even modern mint full gum unused can be bought at below face. I said that would happen many years ago. It is happening. Yet Royal Mail seem intent on further driving collectors away by allowing their staff to deliberately vandalise the stamps that are used for postage. This could have been avoided. It was not because Royal Mail deliberately allow it.
Whoever used their biro on these stamps - what goes around comes around. FY



At 12:35 PM, Blogger Ian - Norvic said...

I don't think you can prove where the biro was used, Michael.

Royal Mail biro-wielding posties are usually at the delivery end, not receiving. They have a number of devices to use instead of the biro.

But then Australia Post and USPS also resort to a variety of different tactics to cancel unpostmarked stamps don't they?

Really it's down to the person sending the mail to ensure that the stamps are cancelled at the counter wherever possible. Blame them, not the workers!


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