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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Hello everyone, Happy Groundhog Day.. actually it is so cold here in Hong Kong, were we ever to have such creatures there is no way they would come up to see if the shine was shining or they could catch a shadow. Anyway, I thought a competition was due. It also being Chinese New Year soon.

So the Miniature sheet above as a prize. Nice one I think.

Just email your answer to me at and include your mailing address ( in case you win) I do not keep mailing addresses as I always tell people but still I get entries with no mailing addresses. No mailing address and you are not entered into the competition.. Sorry.

anyway  email me and give me the answer to this question:  In what year was Groundhog day apdopted in the USA?  

Too easy..    I will randomly draw  a winner on Friday 5th February in the evening my time and mail the prize the following morning  I fly out  Saturday for a few days in the Philippines for sun sunshine.  That will be my Chinese New Year break.

Enjoy your stamps, Groundhog Day and Chinese New Year..  Best wishes..Michael


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