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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Hello, time again to write and I hope you enjoy seeing this stamp I have chosen tonight.  British East Africa makes  a very interesting area for collecting. A few countries over the years, combining and splitting. I have lost track to be honest.  I have to find a way to list them all in the cddstamps store. that will be a challenge, The wording for just Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika will probably take up most of the characters allowed to described the stamp itself,  let alone there are Protectorates as well.

Anyway, this one I like because of the excellent colour. In fact I think many of  the colours used on BEA stamps from about 1910 through late 1920's were rather special as they did have many shades that were not conventional or common across other British Commonwealth countries. Or so it seems to me.

Anyway, I have a few more stamps to show. These will be sent to the winner of my November quiz. An early Christmas present perhaps if you know the answer to the following question and you send me the answer WITH YOUR MAILING ADDRESS please to I seriously do not keep all the mail I receive so cannot guarantee I have your address if you have written to me before.

Two part question really:  The British East Africa area had been part of what area since what year?

So easy. Or just enjoy reading and  remembering your school geography perhaps!

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes...Michael   where you can cheaply fill a few gaps in your collection with some nice quality  :-)


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