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Friday, August 21, 2015

TGIF,   as I got home tonight I could feel the heat blowing a real storm. A few minutes later came the thunder and lightning.  Now safely inside enjoying a glass of Shiraz and studying stamps.

Canada now. I have so many in stock and will be listing them in the Bidstart Store over the weekend.

But did you know there is a date "hidden"  on this stamp and others in this GV issue? It is SG 353, from a coil printing. Am not going to give this one away but I will find a few Canada duplicates for the first correct answer.   Where is the "hidden" date?    As usual, email me at with your mailing address please. I do not keep addresses and anyway, for all I know, you may have moved.

Have a great weekend, enjoy your stamps and why not treat yourself and fill a few gaps in your collection, especially if  from the Edward VII, GV, GVI or QEII period of many British Commonwealth countries.   Just visit my store here    scroll down a little, click the link to the country you want, then type the SG number into the "Search Store for" field and see if I have the stamp. How easy is that :-)   I may have a few copies so you can chose the postal cancel you like if you are collecting used stamps.



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