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Monday, August 31, 2015

Hi,   still on Canada as I finally loaded another 300 and some to my Bidstart Store.( actually they are selling already so that much say something)  click here if you want to fill a gap in your collection

Anyway for those who enjoy just looking at stamps perhaps;  what about these two. At a quick glance they are very similar., Yes?

But of course they are very different. the top one is from the 1949 issue, while the lower one is from the 1950 issue.  The difference is obvious really but I wouldn't mind betting some of you might have overlooked the difference.  Which could be a shame as the 1950 issues are generally higher catalogue. These for example.    Top SG 415 Cat £0.45, lower, SG 425 cat £4.50  Bit of a difference to overlook, especially if you are trading stamps with people.

Have a great week. I am flying this week and won't be back online until next weekend. So a little competition while I am away. I will try to pick up a few new issues from Australia as a prize.  Who did the photograph from which the design of this stamps was based?   Email me, with your address please, to and I'll  randomly select a winner when I get back on Saturday.

Best wishes.. Michael  (please visit my Store of you want to fill a few gaps in your collection)


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