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Friday, July 17, 2015

Hello, TGIF.  Hope you are looking forward to a few days rest and relaxation with your stamps as I am. If all goes according to plan I may well be at the Interasia Auction in Hong Kong this weekend. Some nice material and even if I don't bid it is always interesting to be there amongst the action so to speak. Certainly helps one get a feel of the market over here.

But back to Rhodesia and my previous post. Quite a few of you wrote to me, in fact more than usual. Thanks.

Everyone mentioned the perforation difference so well done on spotting that. In fact the stamps are perforated in what is called rouletting or roulette perforations. These are small cuts in the paper instead of holes. This type has been used by a number of countries but is rarely if ever seen these days as far as I know.  And yes as one reader correctly pointed out one had perf 5 and the other perf 9.

Of all the replies to me Dieter was the first and correct so if you send me your mailing address Dieter  I will mail a little Rhodesia surprise to you as a thank you for reading my post.  Thanks to everyone else for writing.

Finally, another lovely example of why you should know when there are varieties to look for in stamps. Can you see the difference in the above pair?  Click image to enlarge. It might make it easier to spot the difference.

I will tell you over the weekend.

Have a great weekend, enjoy your stamps….    Michael


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