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Monday, June 08, 2015

I last wrote on May 22th. Ouch! that was a long time ago. Were did the time go. Was I busy you may well ask?  and the answer is yes.  Apart from a lovely long birthday weekend in Phuket, where I did find a few stamps for my aviation collection, I have moved apartments and that is the reason no writing. Move apartment = lose internet connection.

Anyway enough of my boring life. Hope you like the stamp above.

So many blogs, understandably of course, are writing about new issue ( well there is no shortage of them is there!!!)   but I like to think of the lovely older material.

I show this for a few reason. One,  it comes from a lovely set and a set with a few varieties that are worth collecting as I think they are under priced and two, because I just sold one through the Stanley Gibbons Collectible MarketPlace.

The SG MarketPlace  web site came online on 20th May and I have been very pleased with sales. SG tell me they have big hopes for this site  and they think people will respond to it for many reasons, apart from their brand name, including because a buyer can easily use a credit card rather than Paypal. Nothing against Paypal as far as I am concerned but many buys do not have a Paypal account, but of course they do have credit cards.

Anyway all my sales since the website opened have been new customers paying with their credit card.

If you have not seen the site - just visit my store here   and yes they are still loading images for stamps. Of course  you can always go to my bidStart store which is also managed by SG now as I guess you may know. and yes my store name is michaelatcddstamps at both sites. So easy to find me.

Fill a few gaps in your collection and pay by credit card. Easy as! and get SG  brand name behind you, and the fact I am a Director of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association and abide by and really believe strongly in their values and ethics.  

Sorry rambling now  :-)  ......  Just visit and fill a few gaps in your collection. We will both  be happy and so will SG   :-)

Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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