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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Hello, something very different tonight because today I received my copies of the catalogues for the Interasia Auction here in Hong Kong in November.

I must first say congratulations to the Director of the Auction house, Jeffrey Schneider and his team for producing such brilliant catalogues. I really wish my readers could see these. They are collectors items in themselves.  Words cannot describe how stunning these catalogues are, and of course the philatelic material on offer is just mind blowing. I do not know anything about China stamps but I am learning just from reading these beautiful books.

I met Jeffrey at their last auction. I lovely gentleman, and I look forward to seeing him again, as I will be there on November 2nd.

While only a few images for you, please have a look at their web site  You will be very impressed. A couple of items below. Very collectible I think.

Enjoy your philately   Michael

PS for the more modest collector just have a look at  :-) I was going to tell you I had  nearly 11,000 items in stock but happily I cannot because I just had 114 sales. That is my far too obvious way of recommending my Store.


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