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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hi, I thought today I would tell you about the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association. A global "non profit" association of stamps dealers. All of our members are respected Internet Philatelic Traders, you can deal with them with confidence. You can see a list of members, and read more about us on our web site at

If you are an Internet philatelic dealer, or sell stamps via an online auction why not become a member? 

On the IPDA home page you will see some useful material about the benefits of joining the IPDA and a comparison of the benefits and features of the IPDA compared to other dealers associations. 

We have a membership drive on at the moment as we would like to grow our numbers and have a greater presence for the benefit of those collectors who buy online.

The many auction sites one finds on the internet these days make it easy for anyone to sell anything and stamps are just one item that we see many, shall I say less than qualified, people selling. 

By joining the IPDA - assuming your qualify and get accepted - you can perhaps add a bit of credibility to your name. 

There are so many, what I might call mom and pop, sellers who really have little to no idea about stamp quality, stamp values or stamp prices that the uninformed collector can quite easily be buying something that is not what it is advertised as, of poor quality, or worse still, fraudulent. 

If you sell stamps in some capacity, preferably not the mom and pop seller (sorry folks) please have a look at our web site at You can quickly fill out the online application form, and, by all means mention my name.

I think we have lots to offer, including, if I do say so myself because I write it, the monthly Newsletter.

Best wishes  

Director IPDA and Newsletter Editor


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