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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hello, back again from Sydney and looked what I picked up while I was there.  Shame England lost of course hahahahah, but thought you would like to see this cover and MS anyway. The URN RETURNS, What a clever turn (no pun intended) of phrase.

This is a gift to whoever can tell me the score in the final test match, ( I mean full score please, and not just that Australia won by 281 runs. I am looking for Australia innings score and England innings score,  and please send answer with your mailing address to

And while you are thinking of stamps and what you can get for free... well lets just say at a very competitive price ....and great quality, please have a look at my Bidstart sales at   select the country you collect and see if I can help you fill a gap or two or more in your collection. Sales so far this year are over 600 items so I think I am doing something right.

After all, I need something to help fund these prizes don't I :-)

Oh and do write to me anyway with your thematic collecting interests and I will try to show stamps accordingly

Best wishes..    Michael


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