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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hello, bet the stamp image above surprised you. Well time for a reminder, one I am a bit annoyed about myself of course, but carelessness happens to us all I guess.  These are 4 recent  GB Royal mail stamps. They accidentally got into the sink in which other stamps were soaking.

I have said in many forums do not soak stamps from envelopes when the stamps are non-soluble gum, or try any method to get the stamps from the envelope. This is what can happen, and it would seem Royal Mail have become even more devious, can I think that out loud, and found a way to make sure the stamps are destroyed if there is any attempt to remove them from an envelope.

I usually cut the stamps with nice a margin and store them in albums on piece.  I have been doing that for many years now, especially with the Security Machins. I have written this many times. This is just a reminder to us all I hope.

Now to the next point. If you are sending an envelope to someone and you are using non-soluble gum stamps please be considerate and do not place the stamps touching each other, or too close. Leave a nice space between the stamps so the receiver can cut them from the envelope with nice margins around them. I received a parcel the other day and the idiot,  is that too strong a term, knowing I collect the stamps I might add, had placed the stamps touching each other.  So inconsiderate.

And for anyone suggesting you keep the envelope in one piece, yes sometimes that is worth it but with general run of the mill stamps I don't think so these days.

Best wishes, enjoy your stamps.

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