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Friday, November 29, 2013

Hi, TGIF and time for some stamps. Seems I see nothing but new issues celebrating Christmas in my mail boxes these days.  Many from countries that just seem to mass produce so called stamps because they hope to raise some revenue. Others because they wish to celebrate in some way or other. This USA stamp above  is in my view one of the nicer stamps I have seen for a while. Not sure when it was issued but nice to find in a kiloware lot I am sorting.

Anyway, since it is Christmas in 4 weeks I thought it time to send my Christmas present to one lucky reader.  Just email me at, no quiz, no question just email me I will will send the lucky winner a mix of some 200 GB stamps (yes probably some duplicates but I have tried to minimise them, and tried to make sure quality is good)...... the winner being the 25th email I receive.  Oh and please send your mailing address.

Best wishes..  michael

and if you want to treat yourself  for Christmas, and cheaply at that, and fill a gap or two in your collection please visit    and check out the country you collect from my Bidstart store. Prices are very competitive, quality is very well described and every order no matter how small will receive 100 free world mix if ordered before 9th December. ( so you get them all in time for Christmas)


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