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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hi, well I am back from Macau and I did manage to find time to visit that stamp shop I mentioned last night. I picked up a few stamps including this MS which I thought you might like to see. If you click the image I think you will see the stamp in more detail. Very beautiful in my view.

This, and a set of 4 similar designs, are from the paintings of artist Didier Bayle. He is a French artist who expresses his point of view of Asia through watercolour. He was living in Macau for several years and spent much of his time painting  architectural and street impressions with Asian influences. 

and below, the Stamp shop.   it is located down a side street. How I found it again I don't know, but I did. will show a few more stamps I picked up over the coming days.

Best wishes.... Michael


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