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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello, tonight just a short update. My ignorance about the Australia stamps last night was compounded, it seems, by my tiredness. My only excuse  J
 Thanks to one of my readers from Melbourne in Australia, who knew both her AFL and her stamps :-)

she writes....These are NOT all from the 1996 AFL Centenary issue.

The 2 stamps on the left are from the 1999 Centenary of Australian Test Rugby set: SG 1887 (kicking) self-adhesive, SG 1886 (lineout) self-adhesive.

The 2 stamps on the right are from the AFL Centenary set: Freemantle (green, white, red & purple jersey) SG 1616 self-adhesive; St Kilda (red, white & black)
SG 1613 self-adhesive.

Many thanks for writing to me. Others also wrote, and I thank them also for knowing more about AFL and the stamps than I did last night

Best wishes.. Michael


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